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Please prepare your piece of EEP (European Employment Package) as soon as possible in view of the deadline.

Contact our team for assistance or directly use the services of one of the specialist companies listed below.


      Please click here to download the document. Please fill in the document without any missing information.


Other documents:

According to our terms of use, please provide the following documents. The documents must be filled in with your details: Copy of Passport (ID); last Diploma (plus TOR, if you have); CV in format approved by the European Commission; copies of certificates of qualifications, qualifying work placements, etc .; any other certificates, for example related to occupational safety.

Recommended package of documents for the application: current forms for obtaining a social security number, current forms for obtaining a work permit, current forms for obtaining health insurance.

If you are going to prepare the documents by yourself, please make sure that the forms / templates you intend to use are up to date (these forms are constantly updated). We recommend that you download the latest forms from the relevant department’s website.

If you do not have the time or knowledge to provide the documents yourself, we recommend that you use the services of a specialist company. Usually, these companies provide full EEP (European Employment Package) for 1 or 2 days. We are providing a list of companies that you can use.


A list of companies that you may use (sorted by price).

Why is there a significant price difference?

Because although the service is the same, it is provided by people working in different countries. The difference comes from the salaries and taxes that companies pay. For example, costs in England are three times higher than costs in Poland or the Philippines.

But please do not worry: all the companies listed below have already been used by our other applicants. All these companies work correctly and the quality of the documents is perfect.

a) Company #1 (price of EEP: 31.50 euros)

Easy pay: Philippines (in cash) or Credit / Debit Card via PayPal

b) Company #2 (price of EEP: 35 euros)

Easy pay: Kenya, India, The Gulf, China (Alipay), Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. Credit / Debit Card

c) Company #3 (price of EEP: 38 euros). Optional service: a document pack + courier service: 49 euros

Easy pay: Europe, North America. Credit / Debit Card

d) Company #4 (price of EEP: on request – usually around 66 euros)

Easy pay: Europe, North America. Credit / Debit Card

Recommended steps:

1)  Please order the product and pay.

2)  Then use the contact form (or chat buttons) to let us know which company you have selected and pay. We will contact them and provide them with relevant information, everything they need (plus details of the employer) that should be entered into the documents.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.


Office working hours (The UK time zone): 07:30 – 16:00, Mon – Fri

WhatsApp phone:

+ 44 7949-711-835



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