Personality Quiz


Professional Skills

The results of the test are important for the employer. It can be recorded in your work file. Quite often, the test results can be considered in the estimation of the labour salary.








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2. Sometimes, it is hard for me to make a decision.


3. I always keep a lid on my feelings.


4. After finishing a task I review it in my mind, double-checking the quality of my results.


5. I like to do things I am not supposed to and ‘break’ the rules.


6. I lose my temper quickly but regain composure quickly too.


7. I am the kind of person who sees the big picture, focusing less on the small details.


8. I always double-check my work to be sure there are no mistakes.


9. I usually keep my feelings to myself.


10. I tend to have mood swings more often than others around me.


11. At school I would always go over my exam papers before handing them in.


12. I am a rule-obedient person.


13. I am good at making sure that small details are not overlooked.


14. I come across as a calm and rational person.


15. It is better to be polite and rule-obedient rather than carefree.



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